Tucson– In what is being hailed as a shining example of meaningful investigative journalism, a Tucson TV station has uncovered a surprising truth about gun store owners. According to at least twelve separate sound bites, aired during various newscasts in recent months, gun store owners do not like the idea of gun control. “It’s really […]

Phoenix– In a move that is being both criticized as an assault on personal liberty and hygiene, and praised as a boon to public safety and olfactory decency, the Arizona State House passed a bill Wednesday that makes it illegal to “take a deuce” in a public restroom. Fresh off the heels of the so-called […]

Kingman– As politicians in Washington debate more restrictive gun laws, a growing opposition is emerging here in Arizona. White, mustachioed men, it seems, are among the most ardent and outspoken opponents of gun control. “The Second Amendment is sacred,” said Kingman resident Louie Earl, parting a thick, handlebar mustache with his right thumb and index […]

Phoenix– Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is trying to push though the state legislature an ambitious plan that, in her words, will “cure MEDICAIDS.” “Too long have we turned the other cheek to this growing problem. That ends today. I am a pro-life governor and that means I am in charge and life is in charge […]